Thermoforming Stamping
Thermoforming stamping is a low-pressure process that uses consolidated sheets.

Description of the process

- Control tool temperature to approximately 80°C.
- Heat Thermopreg™ from 200°C to 220°C in an infrared or convection oven.
- Transport the molten Thermopreg™ from the oven to mold to prevent the polypropylene matrix from cooling prior to mold closing (10 seconds).
- Close mold (60mm per second) to ensure that parts are formed prior to polypropylene solidification.
- Remove part from mold after it has cooled to below 100°C.
- Thermoplastic light cores can be added in the stamping (compression) process to form three-dimensional sandwich structures.
- Surface films or textiles can be added to the part in the stamping tool to enhance surface aspect.
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