Hand Lay-Up
Hand lay-up molding is used for the production of parts of any dimensions such as technical parts with a surface area of a few square feet, as well as swimming pools as large as 1600 square feet (approx. 150 m²). But this method is generally limited to the manufacture of parts with relatively simple shapes that require only one face to have a smooth appearance (the other face being rough from the molding operation). It is recommended for small and medium volumes requiring minimal investment in molds and equipment.
The contact molding method consists of applying these elements successively onto a mold surface:
- a release agent,
- a gel coat,
- a layer of liquid thermosetting Resin, of viscosity between 0.3 and 0.4 Pa.s, and of medium reactivity,
- a layer of reinforcement (glass, aramid, carbon, etc.) in the form of chopped strand Mat or woven Roving
Impregnation of the reinforcement is done by hand using a roller or a brush.
This operation is repeated for each layer of reinforcement in order to obtain the desired Thickness of the structure.
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