Centrifugal Casting
Centrifugal casting is suitable for the production of hollow parts, such as pipes with two smooth surfaces. The process is particularly well suited for producing structures with large diameters: pipes for oil and chemical industry installations, water supply, tanks for the storage of wine, milk or chemical products. Centrifugal casting is increasingly used to produce poles, such as telephone and street lighting poles.

The reinforcement, either Roving chopped during the process, or, for small diameters, fabrics, mats or complexes, and the Resin, are introduced into a rotating, cylindrical, metal mold. The resin impregnates the reinforcement under the effect of the centrifugal force and forms, after polymerization, a cylindrical structure. After the materials have been introduced into the mold, the speed of rotation is increased until the molding speed is reached. This depends on several factors, the amount and nature of the reinforcement, the Thickness and diameter of the part and the viscosity of the resin.
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