Food Processing

Segments of the food processing industry include machinery used for processing and packaging food and beverages, large scale baking, dryers, meat processing and large scale food mixing.

Food processing industry applications are primarily linked to high temperature and cleaning chemical applications, such as on filling lines.

Applications and companies which are major users of glass reinforced thermoplastics (GRTP) are fruit juice and other beverage manufacturers and/or packers, parts for conveyor systems where cyclical fatigue resistance is important, specialty parts requiring good dimensional stability at elevated temperatures, in harsh chemical environments (e.g. fruit juice and/or cleaning/sterilizing chemicals) under cyclical conditions (e.g. cleaning cycle), juice processing, bottle filling line parts, packaging lines and fittings in ovens.

- If you are using PA resins Please see our FoodContact™ 295 Solution

- If you are using high temperature thermoplastic resins
Please see our FoodContact™ 210 Solution

- If you are using reinforced PPE/PPO resins Please see our FoodContact™ 242 Solution

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