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What if my components are produced or assembled in a region outside the European Union? Do the regulations still affect me?

Yes. Compliance with European Union (EU) plastic regulation applies to all stages of the supply chain including the intermediate stage up to the starting substances. The declaration of compliance, and supporting documentation must be available at all marketing stages other than the retail stage. It must be available at the importer level which is the marketing stage for imports.

What happens if I don�t comply with the regulations?

Food contact materials and articles inspection and enforcement is executed by EU member states� national authorities. Violation of the regulations could be subject to the penalties foreseen in the regulation.

How can Owens Corning help me stay compliant?

Our purpose is to raise the awareness of regulations within the supply chain and help our customers stay compliant. Owens Corning is bringing solutions to the market that are compliant with EU regulations. We will provide the product and required certification you need to be in compliance.

As an OEM or molder, what steps do I need to take to ensure my materials are compliant?

As an OEM or molder, you must assure that your articles meet the applicable requirements of EU regulation 10/2011: compliance of the composition, compliance with overall migration limit and applicable specific migration limits, and are manufactured according to GMP regulation. You must also issue a declaration of compliance, per Annex IV of the Regulation and maintain supporting documentation in your files. Such supporting documentation would include the declarations of compliance of the various upstream suppliers in your supply chain.

What about drinking water? Is there an EU regulation?

When it comes to drinking water, one must understand the difference between drinking water distribution network infrastructure and drinking water as used in household appliances, which is considered food.

Water distribution network materials fall under national regulations, not at the EU level. However, there is work in progress to move towards one regulation covering the EU and is expected to have some similarities with the food contact regulation, i.e. reference to positive lists.

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