About Us

The Composites Solutions Business (CSB) of Owens Corning is a global Reinforcements actor, a pioneer in the reinforcements, nonwovens and Composite fabrics industry, with a long history of product innovation and customer focus.


- The integration of Saint-Gobain and Owens Corning reinforcement and fabrics businesses, and Owens Corning non woven technologies
- Employs 7,100 in 15 countries
- Over 30 manufacturing facilities across Europe, America and Asia
- 5 R&D centers on 3 continents
- Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, United States
- Bringing innovation and world-class products to customers worldwide
- Broad product range and geographic reach
- World-class technology and products

CSB provides outstanding service to its customers as a result of expanded geographic scale, an extensive product base and combined technological expertise. CSB better serves both regional and global customer needs by taking advantage of new world-class technologies and innovative products, as well as improved logistics, productivity and supply efficiency.
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